Wednesday, February 11, 2009

2 new students

So I had two new students in my Self Defense classes tonight.

The cute lady I have a small crush on from yoga was there for the Lady's class. I was running a little late, and came stumbling in, with all kinds of things in my arms. She was in there stretching out. The fact that she was there made me nervous. She seemed nervous the entire time. I think she was just reflecting back my nervousness to me... It was good though. Jumping jacks, ROM, squats and push-ups, basics, then did some break aways from grabs, and showed her a few things with the knife. Down side it was just me an her. So, being close to her, made me more nervous.

Second class had a new student. Female. It was pretty good. T, the guy there from last week practiced and you could tell. We covered a little knife, but did do the chokes. Which I said last week I'd show. They were both surprised at how easy it was. Warm up was he same as the first class. I didn't realize it until later, but I was soaked. I didn't think it was that warm either. Pants and shirt were both wet though.

Next week should be fun. Might even be more people. I can't wait to get equipment.

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