Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oh what a week

Wednesday was self defense class. Thursday I did ETK Day 3. Rocked it good enough.

Friday was the awesome. I took someone up on an offer to check out Joust Gym for a kettlebelll class. I couldn't keep up, but it didn't keep me from stopping. Only think I really didn't care for was the American Swing. I'm told it's a Cross Fit thing.

Not sure if it's truly a Cross Fit only thing, but I don't think it's a all that great. But you don't argue with the instructor(s).

Warm up, run around the building, forgot the distance they said it was, "american" swings, 15 situps, 5 burpees. Repeat for 3 sets. Workout was 10,9,8,7...1 double swings (normal real swings) and clean and jerks, followed by a 100 yard dash. I've Hate running by the way. I also never did a clean and jerk before. Only used 30lbs (bodyfit I think) bells, swings were easy, the clean and jerks were easy to get down and do, but hard for me to complete. Then the run. Oy. But I feel better for learning the jerk.

Today my right shoulder hurts to move. More pain I'll deal with it. It wasn't too bad during Martial Arts after warming up. At least not enough to notice it. however after cooling down, I've known it all day.

Today was Street Clothes day at class. Because we were training in a hallway. Community Center was doing a city soccer thing, and used our normal room for that. Hallway wasn't the greatest, but meh.

Wore my five fingers, 3 people in class are going to look into getting a pair now. I liked.

Downside. I took a forearm to the side of the head in sparing. It was a blind shot. The guy's good at the strange angle / off ballance / blind shots. this is the second time he's caught me in the head. Problem was today we had no gear. wasn't super hard, but caught the bottom of the jaw on the spin, and pushed the head back and to the right. still jarring.

The bigger problem, right before that, he went to sweep my leg, and kicked me in my ankle instead. the bad ankle, that was finally healed. This time the front of the thing. hurts to even stand. hurts to lay in bed. Doesn't look bruised but DAMN! Couldn't even walk up the stairs to the door to let my friends in today. Had to hop up, using the rail.

Also got my motorcycle out of storage. It's sitting under my car port now. Battery was dead, had to go buy a new one and replace it. Next winter, I'm putting it in proper storage at a shop, or I'm getting a trickle charger. Probably a shop though. Did 20+ miles on the surface streets, only about a 3 mile stretch on the the freeway. Loved every minute of it.

Oh, and because of the class Friday Night, I was going to do ETK day 4 on Saturday... But Martial Arts came first and injured now. So missed it completely.


Jennifer said...

What do you think the deal is with the shoulder? SUCKS about the ankle.

Chris J said...

Jennifer, No clue. Just sharp hurt. put it in a clean rack and then lifting, with no weight is just much pain.