Tuesday, April 21, 2009

stiff and sore

So I'm going to try and make Sandy Sommer's class in Delaware in June. I know I'm not in shape for it right now, last night proved it.

So to get into shape, here is the current workout plan. Hopefully I can stick to it for the next 8 weeks. For the next 4 weeks this is how it should look.

Monday: ETK, 100 push-ups, Yoga
Tuesday: ETK, Martial Arts
Wednesday: 100 push-ups, Self Defense
Thursday: ETK, Martial Arts
Friday: ETK, 100 push-ups
Saturday: Martial Arts, pull ups
Sunday: rest, or play around.

Sprinkled in the mix will be Sit ups, squats and pull-ups.

The ETK, is the Art of Strength Enter the Kettlebell workbook.

36 push-ups in 45 seconds and 31 situps in 60 seconds, was looking at the MCOLES Physical requirements, because they were talking about using the MCOLES test for the black belt test. The current red belt testing requirements, the three ranks below black belt, are harder, minus the run.

Yoga was a "light night" 2 new people. Not that light means easy, just not power yoga.

ETK: 24kg kettlebell for swings, 16kg for Halos. My back was hurting from the Yoga and sit ups, after I got done, it was stiff but pain free. Still stiff.

5 rounds in the 10 minute warm up; wall squats x10, halo @ 16kg x10, pumps x10.
7 rounds in 12 minutes of 20 x swings and 1 minute active rest.

It was hard. But I owned it. I'll do the Turkish getups before Martial arts tonight.

And all this so I can be in shape in June, for the class, and my next martial arts test. I don't want to be me right now. Not even sure if I'm going to make the class in June, but looking like I will.

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