Monday, April 6, 2009

tap tap

Is this thing on?

So 2 months in a row, the complex has screwed up paying me. They don't bother to try and credit my account until after I ask them where it is. The site manager is a hag when it comes to it too. The payment agent tells me the credit hasn't been applied, which it is supposed to on the first, and when they ask the manager the manager says I can pay the full amount. I say no, you'll be paid after I get my credit.

I'm going to talk to a lawyer this week. See if I should start sending them invoices in the mail, and failure to pay on the 1st, which their agent said they would, add a 10% late fee.

I'm getting tired of this crap. Should be simple, there is a bloody contract (the proposal they accepted), I even cut one class to save them money, and get my time back (Due to lack of enrollment).

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