Friday, May 22, 2009

Thursday: During the day

So I got to the Funeral home about 9:45am.

I got a couple of pics of the hearse. It was pretty cool looking.

When I went Wednesday night, he was dressed in a suit. Yesterday they had re-dressed him, in his riding gear.

The funeral progression had lots of cars, and about 10 motorcycles. The trip took about 45 miles. It was a nice last ride. Wish I had my motorcycle working. These were the riders that I want to associate with. Not because several of them were Tang Soo Do masters, but because they had the right attitude. If you're on 2 wheels your a brother, regardless of what you ride. One even had a sticker, Bikers are a rare breed, Harley riders are a dime a dozen.

The ride went from Flatrock Mi, to Gibraltar Mi, around to New Boston Mi, back to the Funeral home. We rode through the cemetery (funeral home was on it). Saw the new Lighthouse they but cremated remains in. Master Burns will be the first set of ashes entombed there.

Went to the luncheon after. Lots of fun. Lots of people I met. It really was a Master's met / who's who of South East Michigan Tang Soo Do.

Didn't get home until 4:30 pm.

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