Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bring it

Tonight was hell. two workouts with 30 minutes rest between them.

Started ETK just after 6:30pm.
FIVE rounds of warm up in 10 minutes. Each round looked like this:
10 wall squats (but I messed up the first round, did 12).
10 Right Halos.
10 Left Halos
10 pumps.

Work out:
20 Swings
58 Jumping Jacks
20 Swings
kick backs (still can't do the mountain climbers)
20 Swings
Push-up to a squat thrust
20 Swings

20 Swings
59 Jumping Jacks
20 Swings
kick backs
20 Swings

Might have gotten a little further but I missed time in an active rest looking for Captain. He made a really strange squawk and then got real quiet. I was on the last swing at the time, dropped the bell and went running looking for him. Found him on top of his cage. Don't know what the deal with the strangled squawk was. He never makes that kind of noise.

Then I got dressed (did the ETK in a pair of shorts), ate quickly, and then ran off to the Apartment complex's club house for the Boot Camp class. Was given a 5lbs ankle weight, and 4 pound balls for the hand. I asked for and got 5lbs balls though. The trainer, only other guy in the room (lots of ladies though) was using 4lbs. Everyone was trying to talk me into lighter weights.

Hour work out later, I felt good. Warmed up, not really feeling worked out. Asked if we could do more. The class looked at me funny. The Kettlebell classes at Wate-man and Joust Fitness are harder than the boot camp class. I tore it up with the 5lbs weights.

My hips and shoulders are starting to feel it, but I don't feel like I was murdered, like I expect from a boot camp class. I was warned that he made the class harder when men show up to it, but I took what had to give me and asked for MORE! Yes there were some things I had problems with, and didn't get as many reps in as I would have liked on some sets.

I also learned, ETK in the morning on Tuesdays (power core days) Thursdays (Boot camp Days) and Fridays (Joust Fitness Kettlebell class days).

Lastly, everyone was in shock of my shoes at the Boot Camp Class. They didn't know what to make of them. Went and got pizza after wards, and a guy was blown away by them. Asked all kinds of questions, thoguht they'd cost way more than I paid.

And Paul Coffee is at the hockey game.


Anonymous said...

You're a beast! :) I am loving the fact that you showed up the bootcampers AFTER kicking your own ass with ETK. I am wondering if I should go back to the ETK workbook and use it in conjunction with this madness i'm for a triathlon. I am seriously wondering how many other people out there have found that kettlebell training helps with endurance...I know it does, b/c i've discovered this myself (I don't believe things until I "see" or "do" them, lol)! I HATE endurance training, but am gonna do it. Anyhow...maybe I should upload more of my footage from my bootcamps to my YouTube channel and you can show it to the instructor? LOL! :D Also, why in the hell have I never visted your blog? I'm sorry. I know you've commented on mine. I'm a selfish jerk...ok, not so much...I just need to allow my ADD to let me travel to others' blogs more often!

Yours in Health,

PS - Do you have a subscription option on here? :)

Chris J said...


Sarah, until recently, you didn't know me. Only got the friendship off the ground the last few weeks. You're a well established trainer, I'm just some guy with a kettlebell fetish. :P

You can do RSS feeds, you have to click the wave thing in the address bar.

I tweeted that you should do ETK. I think that'll get you in shape. Maybe mix some running and jump rope in with it. Ooo... that's what my current plan is missing jump rope.

It was great showing them up in everything but the abs stuff. those are still weak, back hurts if I do too many (back taking over because the abs can't cut it).

I'm going to feel it in the morning.