Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I quesiton what I was thinking.

push-ups. Done. Did earlier see last post.

ETK. Done...
4 rounds of warm up in 10 minutes

work out...
7 sets of swings with 1+ minute breaks between. Only +min a couple of times. Captain freaked a few times. Once he landed on the fan. The fan going on High, which has a habbit of having the cover come off... Another time, I had to go find him. Kicked a door doing pushup to a squat thrust.

Then I went shopping and tried to rest up some. At 23:15 I started AOS: Providence. Once again it beat me. made it half way through round 9 though. new personal best.

I hear kettlebells get slippery when wet. Mine sticks to my hand like Spider-Man shot his web-fluid on it. Could not pass off on the tactical lunge. Nor was I getting in the right lunge. At one point I did figure 8s... sigh. Oh and the top of my legs were really red.

calorie counts
691 cals today, if I got the math right.

ETK in the morning. Power core class tomorrow night.

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