Thursday, June 18, 2009

Not of the good

Got home from work at 7pm. Mainly because I did some running around. Stopped at a dive shop, outdoor store (sun & snow in A^2), and then back to work to look for my house keys and pit-stop.

Ran and walked to "Boot Camp". Feeling saucy, kept asking for more at the end. Everyone was hating me, but it was because they were being quite. I'd say more please, they'd say nothing or groan, and the instructor would take that as group consent. Finally he asked if we wanted more, I asked for plyometrics he said that was the game. So I did some side ways leaping push-ups, Right then Left. Then front and back. Then thigh clap push-ups. Then plank to knuckle push-up.

Then jogged back, not much faster than walking but a little, to my apartment from the complex.

Just got done doing ETK. My back and shoulder have been bothering me. Left shoulder hurts in a strip, back about inch wide behind right shoulder blade.

Remember, I'm doing this at 24kgs (53lbs).

ETK practice round: 5 minutes.
5 r/l Clean & Press. Left hurt something bad, along the strip that hurt. Could hear grinding and cracking. (Think rice crispies).
5 r/l snatches. They were not much better.

Warm Up: 10 minutes
10 wall squats (no problems here).
10 r / l halos (shoulder didn't care for it, but it wasn't complaining. Actually started to feel good).
10 pumps (I had to do the last 2 sets from yoga child position).

I only made it 4 rounds, I wanted to cry during the pumps.

Work out: 12 minutes
40 swings
1 min jumping jacks
40 swings
1 minute kick backs
40 swings
1 min lunge to a slave head to floor
40 swings
1 min log
40 swings
1 min jumping jacks.

40 swings is still really nailing my grip. But I made it through. Tonight could have been better, but I haven't had anything to eat since 7pm, and that was 1 pb sandwich (on potato bread) and one extra slice of bread.

I know my tank is on empty right now.

Shower, and then corn flakes with silk. Then bed.

Undecided if I'll repeat week 3 next week. I'd rather not. I'm still making it to the second time through, so I probably won't.

I really am starting to think that my body is at it's limit, and wants more than just 1 to 2 days rest. But the schedule will not allow it. I'm already cutting back on some of what was on the list. not doing 3 a days, and yesterday (my light day) I cut one workout completely.


Jennifer said...

It's been a tough lesson for me to learn, but I do think it's time to give yourself some rest. That lesson, though, has included the idea that "rest" comes in different forms. It's hard for me to tell what I think is going on with that shoulder, but sounds like the overhead movements are part of what's tweaking it. Think about spending 4-5 days of working out hard once a day and keeping everything under shoulder height (keep in mind that push ups are at shoulder height). Or at least bring down the intensity of what you're doing above the shoulders. Too, look at your form. Is it perfect or are you letting it slack a bit? go back to paying close attention to what you're doing and making sure you're tense when and where you should be tense.
All that said, take a little while and read back over your posts from several months ago. Your stamina has really gone up as has your desire to get our there and get it done. Strong work, my friend. You are doing well.

Chris J said...

there is 2 problems with taking time off.

1) I have a set dead line, by other people, for push-ups. I have to be able to do 45 sometime in July. I'm not there yet.

2) I don't know if I will have to start over from scratch. Which would mean I'm only good for 3 weeks worth of work.

Haven't seen you on twitter yet. But like I said there today, a co-worker has said that my weight loss over the last few weeks has been significantly noticeable.

Jennifer said...

Congrats on the weight loss...It doesn't surprise me, though, considering your having stepped up the work :). are you fitting 3-a-days into your days?
Some things to think about...1. you just might have three more weeks in that shoulder, but be careful. You just might end up having to take off more time than you want in the end. 2.consider seeing a GOOD chiropractor. i've heard of folks who have a lot of success with adjustments to shoulders, elbows, wrists, etc. when having trouble with pain in those areas during workouts. Could get you through to July, maybe--as a temporizing measure.

Chris J said...

the three a days, are falling on Mondays and Fridays.

It's more like 3 different programs. I do the 100 push-up challenge when I get up.

ETK around 6pmish when I get home from work.

Then around 9pm an AOS DVD.

On the two a day ones wit ETK it's usually 30 to 45 minutes rest between etk and either Power Core or Boot Camp

On Wednesday, it's usually push-ups in the morning, and fit deck in the evening.

As for form, I think it's all either on, or pretty close with the exception of my left side (shoulder that's hurt) for TGU. Until Tuesday, I couldn't get the shoulder to lock and stabilize. Tuesday it was dead on. Thursday the pain started.