Friday, June 19, 2009

not of the happy

I can only lift my left arm about 45 degrees before the pain kicks in. I can go higher if I really push it. That's going out to the side. Going forward, I can go higher, and it feels funny if I rotate it to the side but doesn't hurt until I try to put it down.

After talking with the way awesome Jen B, RKC and MD, I'm going to take the next 10 days or so off from things that need my arm. I'm not going to stop training completely, but I'll be taking from today, until NEXT week Sunday off from Kettlebells, burpees, push-ups, pull-ups, etc.

Not sure about the power core or boot camp classes, since they do require arm work.

Not really happy about that. I'll try to jump more rope, hike, roller blade, bike, jog and etc more. Lots of squats, maybe I'll work pistols... Going to practice kicks a lot too.

I'm not exactly happy about this, and I'll go back one week to week 2, when I go back to training. So that means week 2 of the 100 push-ups and week 2 of ETK (but 30 swings both swing days).

That throws my whole calendar out of whack for the rest of this month too.

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Jennifer said...

This definitely bites, but it happens. Look at it as a chance to learn to work through an injury with other options. Too many people use injury as an excuse to bail out all together.
Don't forget to do some gentle stretching and range of motion stuff. If you can't do it with actively pulling the arm where it needs to go, bend forward from the waist or sideways from the waist and let gravity pull the arm forward or to the side away from your body. Then put the arm through gentle circles--smaller,spiraling to bigger then back down. Consider icing it too. You'll be back in no time.