Tuesday, June 16, 2009

remains of last night

I ended up skipping Providence. My grip is still noodley feeling today.

Got home, did 10 minutes of jump rope. Best streak I had was 50 in a row. It was ok, I was on the patio, I tried to start in the grass, but it just didn't happen. Kept getting tripped up on every twirl. the "rope" was all coiled too from being wrapped tight around the handles and sitting in my Tang Soo Do bag for so long. It's one of those plastic speed ropes that Everlast sells.

Then I had corn flakes with fresh strawberries in syrup. Quarter the strawberries, and sprinkle with sugar, syrupy the next day. Yummy good. had what was left with my corn flakes for breakfast today too.

About an hour after jumping rope, I started up ETK. While watching Star Trek: TNG. For some reason I like working out more when there is Sci-Fi on.

Week 3 starts with adding 5 more minutes to the workout. At least the version of ETK I'm doing (The AOS:ETK Workbook). The first five minutes are practice. Practice the Clean and Press and the Snatch. I did sets of 5 per side. 2 times through. First time through I did Dead Clean and Press, with long cycle snatches. Second time through I did long cycle C&P with dead snatches.

Then I did the Warm Up round. Made it through 5 times, just barely, I was rising from the last pump when the timer chimed.

Then I went after the 40 swing workout set. 40 swings at 24kg really really works the grip. Last set I had to break it up, never setting the bell down. I did 20 2 hand swings, switched to 5 right hand, 5 left hand, and 10 2 hand swings.

My legs and my forearms are sore today. Tonight it's ETK TGU day, and the core conditioning class.

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