Tuesday, May 11, 2010

more on the Cert

So I mentioned in a little shocked. I got picked for a free cert course.

After some emails around on who was going to take what, I'm taking WiFu. I actually offered to take it, kind of. I still would have preferred Penetration Testing with Backtrack. But I have a better chance of getting a cert with WiFu and I think that is a little more important.

So for the last week or so (little longer probably), I've been looking at getting things together to do the course.

I'm going to get 2 Alfa AWUS036H and 1 BU-353 USB GPS Unit. The GPS isn't needed but will be fun to play with. And I'll finally be able to do Wardriving / Warwalking and map the data out, instead of just saying hmmm... But that's for another post.

I picked up a cheap old Gateway Celeron, 256 meg, 15 gig hard drive. I'm going to toss straight Debian on it, and attach one of the USB Network Devices to it.
I'm going to dig out my old Linksys wireless router, flash it with Linksys firmware (I can put dd-wrt back on it later), and hook the other Wifi device to my laptop running BackTrack. (If don't pick up another cheap PC first).

I'll update the blog as I go along.

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