Friday, December 31, 2010

little depressing

just did a home body fat % check. Using the same site and tools I've used in the past

Waist (at belly button) - 45
hips - 44
forearm - 13
wrist - 7


BF% - 24.9.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

training Log 2010-12-25

Went for a 1.89mi c25k run/walk today Same route as day 2. Finished it faster. Thought I was going slower, but hit what was the "finish" with a minute left to go on the cool down

Friday, December 24, 2010

training log 2010-12-23,24

Forgot to log them last night.
Pullups for 12-23
3, 3, 2, 1


pull ups for today
4, 3, 2, 1


Not feeling good, so probably going to skip the run until tomorrow.

push ups later.

played around with the suspension trainer a little tonight, but just feeling ugh over all.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Training Log 2010-12-22

Day 2 of couch to 5k.
28 minutes 30 seconds
341 calories. Felt better than Monday.

Sucky thing, the GPS didn't work so no idea how far I went.


Fighter Pullup
3, 2, 2, 2, 1. Lost count did an extra set of 2.



10, 12, 8, 8, 15 (53)


Not going to be doing the ETK this week after all. Haven't been able to fit it in time wise. Maybe after the first of the year, when I finish studying for a cert.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

training log 2010/12/21

Didn't get to ETK last night, something else came up.

Pavel's Fighter Pullup Challenge
Max Rep 3 day 2
3, 2, 2, 1 (7 pullups, with my thickest band)
Calorie count: ?? probably 19 like yesterday.


Tonight's plan:
ETK week1 day 1

Monday, December 20, 2010

Training Log 2010/12/20

Ok, this is going to get updated several times today:

Morning run (couch to 5k)
Day 1: 1.87 miles in 28 minutes 30 seconds (roughly 15 minutes 15 seconds per mile).
mix of walking 5 minute (warm up), eight 1 minute runs / logs, and 90 seconds rest between, with 5 minute cool down.

Calorie count: 375


Pavel's Fighter Pullup Challenge
Max Rep 3 day 1
3, 2, 2, 1 (7 pullups, with my thickest band)
Calorie count: 19


100 pushup challenge week 1, day 1.
set count, 10, 12, 7, 7, 10 (46 total, but at a much slower pace than usual).
Calorie Count: 60


Still to go:

ETK week 1, day 1.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

no more games

2011 will be a hell of a year. I will get in way better shape or destroy myself trying.

I will do 100 push ups. I will get to the point I can do pull ups without assistance. I will loose weight. I will do ETK (workbook) from beginning to end with 16kg.

I will run a 5k (4/3/2011).

It's going to be a busy time between now and race day. All of the above are my goal by then. Pain starts Monday. I'll be using the couch to 5k program. Already downloaded training material to my phone.

Monday, December 13, 2010

passwords below

yes, I know I posted passwords below. The only place they were ever used, to my knowledge, was on Gawker, and they have been changed since then.

Gawker breached prior to nov 8th.

So normally, I'd not jump on the sky is falling bandwagon. Really all you can do is change your password everywhere, and then move on.

I have a Gawker account for Lifehacker. I also tend to forget my Gawker password a lot, since I don't leave many comments at LH. So, since I tend to forget it, I just leave it the temp password they send me, and get it reset when I need to.

I saw this tweet from @0ph3lia on twitter tonight:

RT @georgevhulme: RT @headhntr: Gawker source code and database on The Pirate Bay -

I figured what the hell, I'll get the file, see if I'm in it, and what my password is. My password wasn't in the parse_db.txt file, so for fun, I ran John the Ripper against my hash. I'm still learning the tricks with JtR.

First thing I noticed there are 2 hashes for me in the full db text file.

username ::: oKIw1WwUpNP3E ::: $2a$10$f42plGhxPm5Xv1K37keWiO3onjZEfoFWCAIQRWPvYRW5.BZiZ5sCa :::

The first one is DES, the second one is Blowfish.

I copied that into 2 files on my BT4r2 box. 1 for each hash. Then I created a password file with my saved password from firefox, and the most recent email I got from Gawker.

Neither password matched. So I went through my email archive and got every password reset email I still had from Gawker.

The password that worked was from September 4th 2009.

Email from 2009

Gawker Comments to me show details 9/4/09

You (or someone you know) has requested that your username and password for Gawker Comments be emailed to you. For security purposes, your password has been reset.

Login: username

New Password: ZMvnRxw

email from November 8th
============================================ to me show details Nov 8

You (or someone you know) has requested that your username and password for Gawker Comments be emailed to you. For security purposes, your password has been reset.

Login: username

New Password: Usql2Aw

I know that I changed my Password on 11/08/2010, as you can see from the emails. Since the files were using a password from before than, I know that the breach happened prior to 10:20 am on 11/08/2010.

Don't know if anyone else is really interested in that part.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


So a year ago, the company I work for moved. One of the thing that needed to be done was readdressing our Citrix XenServers. I was busy working on Layer2/3 switch problems, so someone else did the address change. Unfortunately one of them didn't work right after. The address was changed (by following Citrix's documentation). However networking and XAPI would fail to start. Networking had to be started by hand. (By the way, you have to bring up both the physical and xenbr interfaces for it to work).

This week I'm looking at erroneous traffic on the network. One of the things I noticed was the bad XenServer trying connect via port 443 to an old ip address.

Looking at it, /etc/xensource/pool.conf had the old address in it. So I commented it out. Then rebooted. Brought the network up by hand, and decided to try and figure out what the deal was.

Googling around, I found information to try using the xe commands to make network configuration changes. Problem is, you need xapi running for xe to work. restarting XAPI doesn't give the world's greatest error message in /var/log/messages. Exit status 2. Watching from the CLI, the error was xapi failed to start.

Someone else on the Citrix Forum said that they recreated the files in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts. So I copied those files from a working box, and changed what I needed too.

Still not going.

Hunting around, I found /opt/xensource/xapi, which I think is what "service xapi restart / xe-toolstack-restart" are trying to run. I tried to start that. Got the following error: xenserver exception Failure("cannot parse pool_role from pool config file")

Google was next to useless trying to find information on that. So I fired up find on the box and tried to find anything with the filename pool (based off what little information Google did give me).

The /etc/xensource/pool.conf came back up. So I went back into the file I changed last night, took out the comment character(#) and figured for grins to change the line to read slave:.

Restarted xapi and it worked.

Rebooted and the box came up right, everything working.

Long way of saying: if you're running Citrix XenServer in a pool, have to re-address and things brake, check the pool.conf file.

Interesting what happens when you're trying to fix one problem and in the process end up solving another.