Sunday, September 7, 2008

I feel like a fraud

I feel like a fraud when it comes to working out. I don't do it enough. I don't put enough effort into it when I do, do it. I don't take it seriously, and take way too many breaks.

Today's workout. I only made it through 1 time, with lots of breaks. I would have loved to go through it again, because I don't feel worked out, but I don't have another 70 minutes to waist on it, since I have have to go to a friend's party, and I want to work on a computer before I go.

A lot of the stuff that involved the bell resting on my arm hurt too. My right wrist is brused from being smached between a sleeper couch and a door way. Two people on the other end (I was alone on my end) pushed before I was ready, and smashed the arm into the door. It's been bruised for a few days. I'm sure banging my kettlebell off it today (yes there was some banging which means that my form was off in a few spots) didn't help. However it hurt just resting the kettlebell on that spot too.

Today, all 16kg Doubles from a friendly challenge:
20 double swings
20 clean and presses
farmer's walk up and down the back part of my drive 2x
20 double thrusters
10 R/L renegade rows.
10 R/L double single leg dead lifts
clean walk up and down the back part of my drive 2x
20 burpees (without kettlebells, the way I meant it to be)
20 double bell getup situps
over head walk up and down the back part of my drive 2x
10 alternating cleans (probably the easiest thing besides the swings)
10 double kettlebell snatches

Like I said, with all the stopping I did, it took about 70 minutes.


Jennifer said...

You'll get there, man. Keep working on getting some folks to work out with you on occasion. Having other people involved really ups the amount of effort you (read I) put in. Even if you only work together once a week or so, you do more on your own b/c you want to make sure you progress between times. Just keep up the work.

Chris J said...

I'm still trying to get them up to speed. Its going to be weeks before they are ready for a real workout. At least 2 more months.