Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm sore

Martial Arts tonight was great. Took a kettlebell (my new one) with me to show off. A couple of people didn't think it weighed as much as it claimed. Some said it weighed more, one person was insisting it was over 100lbs, because his 95lbs friend was easier to pick up. So we stretched and took turns doing suit case dead lifts. Not many.

Just a couple each. Just before class I did some burpees (10), and some sideways jump pushups (6, 3 right, 3 left).

Class had jumping jacks, stretches, rotations of the neck; shoulders; and knees; some long stretch lunges, and some long front stances. Then we did kicks. Stretch front kick, stretch side kick, front kick, round kick, side kick. My feet were sticking to the floor badly. Then while trying to figure out what to do, some people suggested push ups, I said Jump Push-ups, had to show them to the master. He gave us a water break, and said to run them through 10 minutes of my training.

So we did 5 regular burpees (note all my burpees include push-ups), most of the class was complaining after 5. Then we did 5 high knee jump burpees (jump with your knees coming to your chest, or as close as you can). 5 step through lunges on each leg. 5 Super Planks (my shoulders were hurting at this point, probably from the presses before I left for class). A yoga tree on each leg (from the wii fit, no I don't have one, I have a friend with one, I would like one though). Then 2 laps of bear crawls. Which took about the whole 10 minutes.

Then we did one step fighting. That lasted about 20 minutes, then the last 15 of class was free fighting. I had 4 straight fights. One after another. First one against a white or orange belt (he never wears his uniform, his dad is one of the Masters), second fight against his Dad (who is one of the best fighters I have ever met. He kicked my butt up one side of the floor and down the other, and I wasn't that hard on his son). Then a green belt, who likes to grapple. Then the other 2nd gup red belt (my rank). Everyone else had breaks. Except for maybe one of the other green belts (the 12 to 13 year old girl).

By that point I was dead on my feet. Class ended. Then I had to take the KB to the locker room out to my car, left it on the curb while I crossed the street to get my car. Loaded in the car and got a light dinner. RamsHorn's healthy way breakfast (egg beaters, rye toast (usually dry), and 3 turkey sausage patties). Lots and lots of water. I was soaked. My uniform is soaked, has blood across the back too for some reason.

Came home, flip and caught the kettlebell. Think flip and squat, but there was no way I was squatting. I just did that to carry it into the house. I'm surprised I flipped and caught it.

The new bell was sitting there waiting for me when I got home. Had a nice warning sticker on it from UPS, due to it's weight. Opened the box, got it out. Did 2 hand swings, just a couple like 5, with no hands at the top. 1 hand swing on both sides. Cleaned it (way to easy). Pressed it. Way to hard especially on the left. But I did it a few more times in class on each side to show off. I did it after class to. Again to show off to one of the Masters. Tried to do chest presses. on the right I got 2, on the left, I had to use 2 hands to get 2.

I have to say, Anthony DiLuglio is a beast. How he can play with the 32kg kettlebell and make it look easy, I don't know. I mean I can on the swings, but I'm not going to get past 10, on presses, OH HELL NO, well not yet. I'm not going to try snatch it until tomorrow, but I expect it to be hard. Seriously though, when we were picking it up in class, it didn't feel like no 70 lbs. The scale when I weighed it tonight said it was 72.5 lbs.

The warning sticker, said "waring Heavy Package Over 70 lbs". My room mate said that the diver looked big and burrly, unlike the twigs they sent for the 53s last year and the small girl they sent with the 25s this year. I can't wait to get another one, but it's going to be a while before I'm ready to even think of swing 2 32kg bells.

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