Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I hate fried food. I hate the way it tastes, I hate the way I feel after eating it. The only thing I like less than fried food is McDonald's (or most fast food joints).

However work has been making it hard to eat real food. I left Monday night at 9:00pm, and stopped to get groceries on the way home. By the time I got home, I was not in the mood to cook, since it was after 10:30.

Yesterday I left at 2am. Yesterday was a 16 hour shift.

Last night I had fish and chips from bigboy. The only thing that wasn't fried was the coleslaw.

Today since I knew it'd be 6 hours before I get a chance to get out to eat again, I stopped at McDonold's across the street. I got a 10 piece chicken nugget, a quarter pounder with cheese, a small fry, sweet tea and 2 pies (one apple one cherry). Usually if I get McD's I get the pies, the fruit and nut salad thingy and sweet tea (occasionally the orange hi-c, it helps prevents hang overs).

I ate the burger... It tasted like the best thing I ever ate. I HATE BURGERS IN GENERAL, but it was all so good. I want another. I still have that ugh feel I get when I eat fried food, but it didn't taste like the ugh while eating it.

Nuggets and pie come later.

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