Saturday, October 4, 2008

One last trip to the park

So because of financial reasons (one of the co-workers got a part time job on Saturdays)... Tonight was our last Saturday at the park. We're going to do the workouts at work on Monday nights.

Tonight was light, but out side of the comfort zone.

I had everyone move up in weight tonight.
20 swings @ 32kg (me)
20 swings @ 24kg (nick)
10 swings @ 16kg (deb)

Then we moved down to our normal weight, and did 20 swings
me at 24kg
nick at 16kg
deb at 12kg

Then Double swings.... we only went to 10

Then 5 per side clean and press at our normal weights.

Then we were done, and had the joy of pushing 320 lbs up the hill to my car. Nick grabbled the handle, I pushed. We actually ran most of the way up. We got the tennis courts, and had to stop. Then I pulled the last 50 feet up the hill solo.

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