Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last night before bed

10 regualar push-ups
10 elbows at the sides push ups, wow were those hard
20 squats

Slept good for about 10 hours. My lats are sore, my legs feel the squats, and the arms feel the push-ups.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


The numbers:


Tried to do round 2, but failed. It was hard.


Monday, December 29, 2008

Gotta watch these

Top 10 Incredible Animal Videos

*Tip of the paw to cuteoverload


And I want to, in almost 8 months, be able to do 10 un-assisted pull-ups?

Used the band again tonight, and the Pull Up FitDeck. Only did a couple of cards, and even at the beginner level, I would have to stop and take a break.

6 - Alternating grip
4 - 2 hand Outlaw rope pull-ups (even harder).
8 - Mountain Climber

They were not pretty. They were not easy. If other people were counting, some of them probably wouldn't have counted. I got up, but not always chin over the bar.

my arms hurt. By the way, it took about 20 minutes to do those.

Another thing I'm trying between now and then is Lat Loading. If you saw Dave Whitley's post on Engaging the Lat video, you'll know what I'm trying. Hanging from the Pull-Up bar and pulling the shoulders back into their sockets.

I miss having a house

The people that live above me love to stomp around at all hours. They love to bang on their floor / my ceiling, when the bird is freaking out. Which only makes it worse. And he's usually freaking out because they've been stomping.

Doesn't look like I'm going to work out in the mornings. The bird likes to squawk as I work out. He's right there, but I'm not doing what he wants me to, so he's noisy about it.

Was trying to get through 10 FitDeck Stretch cards, but the bird wouldn't let me.

10 2 hand swing - 16kg kettlebell
Neck rotation
10 right hand swing
hamstring stretch
10 left hand swing
calf stretch
10 right hand swing
10 left hand swing

Sunday, December 28, 2008

2009 goals

Made my goal list for 2009.

Here it is, like always it's a living document.

Lower current debt, save more:
Use less plastic. Carry cash, leave debit card at home.

Transfer remaining checking balance to Emigrant Direct from previous pay on payday.
Create Orange Checking account. Direct Deposit rent + to it.
Learn and start using GnuCash
Look into getting a second job

Improve employability:

Read running Xen,
Get some virtual servers working with Open Source Xen.
Upgrade the Laptop to a larger hard drive.
Get a new Server system with VT chip set and working
500g to 1tb hard drive space
8 to 64g memory
VT Chip
ATX form factor
LPI Level 1:
Brush up on shell scripting
Read Running Linux, LPI Nutshell
Read Learning Perl, all the way through. Work on scripts.

Read CCNA books
Practice on the lab
Need power supply, Hex tap?
Then what?
CCVP(?), CCNP(?), CCSP(?)
Resume Update – rebuild resume from near scratch

Get down to 190lbs (from 240lbs)
ETK with 24 kg. (Goal April 26 2009)
Providence one a week, until I can go all the way through with 16kg
Newport after Providence
Martial Arts 3 times a week
FitDeck schedule and stick to it.
10 un-assisted pull ups by my birthday
100 push ups by May
Get Ring System

Martial Arts:
Ready for Black belt by Christmas 2009
First Gup requirements:
Pyung Ahn O Dan
Ba Sa Hee
Bow Staff
Chil Sung Il Ro
Chil Sung EE Ro
Knife form
10 take downs
Actually make it by 6pm every week
Attend Saturday Classes

Improve Education:
Get better at math:
Schaum's Elementary Algebra
Schaum's Intermediate Algebra

Read More:
Finish Hogan's Giant Novels (2 to go).
Beyond Fear - Bruce Schneier
Kathy Reichs
Assault on reason - Al Gore
Kathy Reichs
God Deliusion - Richard Dawkins
Kathy Reichs

Saturday, December 27, 2008

5x3 pull-ups

5 sets of 3 pull ups, 3 minutes rest between sets, using my 1 3/4 inch band.

The first 2 from each set, was chest to the bar. The last one each set I had a hard time getting my chin over the bar.

I could probably do more right now, a few more sets, but I did more than planed anyway.

More FitDeck stuff (I get email).

I emailed the guy that made FitDeck, Phil Black, suggesting the blank cards. He responded saying they've played around with that idea some, and plan to include them in the 2009 cards.

While not much use to me, I have all the cards I want right now (unless they come out with some "volume 2" decks), it'll at least be useful to other people who haven't gotten theirs yet, so they can wait and get the new run.

His email response:
Hi, Chris. Thanks for your suggestion. We have toyed with the idea of including a few extra "blank" cards for people to create their own favorite exercises. We plan to incorporate this concept in the next generation FitDecks which will launch in 2009. Thanks for the feedback.

Best wishes,

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Something I wish FitDeck had included

After using three decks, I realized that there is something I would have included when i made the decks, if I had made them. 2 to 5 blank cards, for users of the deck to make their own cards.

About 8 years ago, give or take, I was talking with a company about making guitar flash cards. I was taking guitar lessons at their Southfield MI store. The instructor I had suggested making flash cards, for the different cords he was teaching me. Everyone he had would use 3x5 cards, make rough drawings of the guitar neck, and indicate which strings were held down, which were open, and which were not strummed when playing. Being the geek I am, I was able to use Viso to make them. They printed out really nice. Then I printed a few blank ones, so I could take notes, and make new cords on, when I learned them. The instructor saw them, because I kept them in my music folder, and took them to the store's education manager. I made about 10 prototype decks, even laminated those. The instructor took some and gave them to his other students. They really liked them. The manager took it up the food chain. The last I heard they were going through legal to see if there would be any problem printing them and selling them nation wide. Problem is, I stopped taking lessons (the instructor left) and the store closed (they went bankrupt).

The one thing that everyone liked was the blank cards. It was just the guitar fret board, which people could draw things on. I've seen other card decks (Munchkin) do similar things (the blank cards). Actually that might have been where I got the idea from, I don't remember anymore.

It would be great to have a few blank FitDeck cards per deck, which had the same layout as the other cards (different color card from all the others) with the level bubbles, exercise description area.

I know I'd add Burpees to the body weight deck, some more push-ups to the combat deck, and then Snatches and Turkish Get Ups to kettlebell deck. I'd have to figure out what deck to put pistols into.

FitDeck Kettlebell, post workout review

I've used 3 decks now in different ways. The Combat Sports deck and the Body Weight Decks rock. The numbers on all the decks could be a little higher though for the more advanced people. I'm used to ETK in week 1, you're doing 20 swings and 1 minute active rest, for 12 minutes.

Also trying to workout on Christmas when you have no one else to answer the phone, or chase down the bird / keep him company is just a pain.

It also lets people know what they're in for before buying the deck. If I had known what the 18 exercise cards were, I would have probably skipped this deck. Which would have saved me money because I would have not got Military Madness (set of 6 cards), since I don't need stairs, I could have bought the 4 decks instead of the 6.

FitDeck Kettlebell workout, shuffle and draw:
Flip and Squat
Russian Twist
R/L Clean & Press
Alternating Swings
Wave Squat
L/R Suitcase Dead Lift
L/R Single Leg Dead Lift
Double the next card
Turkish Sit Up
[removed the rest of the list]

FitDeck Kettlebell review

First the disclaimer for those that don't know me: I'm not a kettlebell professional yet. That will change when I get the money saved, and I feel I'm in good enough shape. I've been using Kettlebells since March 2007, and I wrote this in December of 2008. While I'm not a professional, I have taken classes with 3 different RKCs, studied kettlebells fairly in depth, and used them to rehab from lingering physical defects of being a pedestrian hit by a car. This review might sound negative, but my goal was to be critical of it.

So I haven't ran the deck / workout yet... But when I looked through the cards yesterday, I saw some that disappointed me with their instruction, and some that just made me say what the hell is this guy smoking.

The first thing that troubled me about these cards, was the "Using FitDeck Kettlebell" card, one of the 6 information cards. Under equipment needed: "Kettlebell(s) (from 5-50 lbs.)". Maybe I'm just being picky, but I think the weight range is too light. If you look at either the Dragon Door site, or the Art of Strength site, you'll find how to pick the right size weight. They usually say 8kg (about 18lbs) for women just starting. The upper weight range is higher. Personally, as my heavy weight, I have a 32kg, about 72lbs, Kettlebell. My normal workout weights, depending on what I'm doing, are 16kg (36lbs) and 24kg (53lbs). Personally I think anything under 4kg (about 9lbs), the weight I would use for teaching kids only, is just a marketing gimmick. Adults, unless special circumstances, shouldn't use anything less than 8kg to start (for the record, with my limp and bad hip, I still started off at a higher weight than that).

Next was the "Warm Up" Card, again an information card, covers how to warm up, cool down, and stretch. Those 3 items didn't bother me at all, what did was the last item on the card. The Rack position. The image of the person holding it, shows the wrist bent back instead of locked straight from the arm. If you're not familiar with the rack, it is one of the basic holds for a kettlebell. The handle is in your hand, at about shoulder level, the elbow is close to the side, and the bell rests on the back of your forearm, with your wrist locked. If you want to see a locked wrist, take and arm and hold it straight out in front of you with your hand in a fist. If you're doing it right (like you're throwing a punch) it is one straight line. The wrist isn't bent at all. Another way to see what a locked wrist is, is to do knuckle push-ups. Like I said, the card is not showing that.

The cards that I have the what the hell attitude towards are these, and I said what I'd do different or switch them with:

"CRUNCH" - put the kettlebell between your feet in a sit-up position, then do straight arm crunches. you go back down when your hands pass your knees. When this one comes up, I'll do Turkish Sit Ups (press kettlebell, sit straight up).

"LEG SWAY" - Hold the kettlebell by the horns directly over your chest. Bring your knees up, to a 90 degree, then lower them to the side. Go back and forth. The kettlebell stays over your chest, and your shoulder blades stay flat on the floor. I'm going to swap this card for a Russian Twist.

"RENEGADE LUNGE"renegade lunge - hold the kettlebell at the naval by the horns. Side lunge right and left. Actually the only problem I have with this card, is how they hold the bell. I'll be doing bottom-up at the chest thanks.

"GOOD MORNINGS" - Stand with both feet together hold the bell 2 handed in front of you, then bend over and touch your toes. Looks really like a legs together, straight legged dead lift. Going to replace this one with Wave Squats.

I think the following are bad instructions, nothing wrong wit the exercise itself, just not explained very well:

On all the clean cards, they say to start from the rack position and then drop the bell and do a clean. I think his point was so people wouldn't do dead cleans each time, but could have been said better.

On the swing cards, except "alternating swing" aka hand to hand, he tells you to swing too high. He says to Swing to eye level. The alternating swing card, he says chest level.

The one arm swing is listed as an upper body exercise. To me that sounds like they expect you to lift with your arms (ie bad form).

And lastly the funniest card in the batch, Swing Catch Squat. Swing bell up, catch it, and do a squat. The card just looks funny, because the way it's drawn it looks like the guy has to reach out to grab the bell. It also says to swing bell up, let go and catch it. That's great, but that means I'll have to lean forward to catch it. Thankfully I know Flip-n-Squat.

Things I would have liked included in the deck:

Snatches, High-Pulls, Windmills, full Turkish Get Ups (closest they came was the "Get Up Sit Up" which was only half the TGU.), Thrusters, and chest presses.

Don't get me wrong. I think the cards are great concept, and I appreciate the work that Mr. Black did on them, but I think he should have have ran them past some certified Kettlebell instructors first. I do think that these cards will give you a hell of a work out, especially with the proper weight at the higher levels. I do not think however that all the cards are good for you, meaning a few of them might hurt you (Leg Sway, Renegade Lunge, Good Morning). These cards in my opinion are for people that have experience in kettlebells and not just starting out.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go grab 24kg and hit the deck (after changing the 3 cards I really do not like).

Go here for my follow up, after workout review

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

10 from Combat Sports

The first time it felt good. the second time, I felt worked out. Now I think I'm just torturing myself.

Since I was shuffling the 20 card combat sports set this time... I took 10 from there. Combat Sports is all body weight.

Order I did these 10 in:
6 Sprawl
6 per side Rear Thrusting Kick
Double NEXT Card
6 per side Staggered Leg Push Up (which I had to repeat again).
6 Hip Up
6 Back Bend
6 Jump with Rotation, I think back and forth would work better for a count instead of each turn
6 Red Rover
20 seconds of Fingertip hold (think finger tip high plank). My fingers hate it. I could only do 16 seconds. Both my ring fingers hyper extend when I do that, even when I do finger tip push-ups.
8 Judo push-ups. Also known as Navy Seal Push-ups, Hindu Push-ups, and Dive Bomber Push-ups

And last set for today, since I'm leaving about 4:30, cleaning up some and going to a good old southern style christmas dinner.

Another Hour, Another 10 cards

After the last set, I put the cards on the bottom of the deck, and reshuffled.

This trip through:
24 run in place knee taps. Only counts every other one.
8 half sit ups were back
20 second wall sits (squat down a wall, and hold it for allotted time)
16 side crunches (switch half way through. Sit up, move knees one way or other. I need to work on the flexibility some.
20 seconds tripod hold. Switch hands half way through
8 dips (used my desk since the chair has wheels)
8 Belly angles. Lay face down, and move your hands from side to head and back.
Repeat Last Card
20 second crab crawl came back
20 seconds The Bridge (we call these planks where I come from)


AT&T U-verse TV is defective by design. Normally when you hear the phrase Defective By Design, it means DRM. However that is not the case this time.

As I said the other day
AT&T has a problem with the tuner box shutting itself off.

I called before I left for work today. I spoke to a nice lady at the tech line, but all she could tell me was, the magic number is 6 hours. Its to protect the tv screen from "Image Burn In" in case the system crashes. The time is burnt into the firm ware, and can not be changed. I don't care what ever way you try to cut it, that is a system that is Defective By Design. The defect is in the Set Top Box (STB), not the residential gate way.

So here are my options:
- Cancel AT&T U-Verse tv, and get Comcast (the only other provider in my complex).
- Cancel U-Verse and get rabbit ears and a HD Converter box.
- Keep U-verse, get an HD Converter box, rabbit ears and a signal switch box.
- Build a new DVR / Media Center from a pc. But that means finding out if there are any tv capture cards for the AT&T system (which uses cat 5 instead of Coax)
- Buy a bird sitting DVD or two (which the guys at the bird store said could be set to loop.

Right now, I'm thinking the last 3 options, although considering how little I watch tv, canceling is still way up there.

A NOTE TO AT&T: Until you're boxes are fixed and people can opt out of the ENGERGY STAR Stuff, or at least change the timers YOUR TV SERVICE SUCKS

Bored at work

Sitting at work bored. Most people took today off, but I work in a department that needs to have people here. The manager wanted me here, because everyone else in our group, except the new girl, had the day off. Everyone else scheduled for more than just today off because they went out of town this week.

Anyway, bored and looking through my FitDecks. So I decided to shuffle the bodyweight one for a bit. then drew the top 10 cards. Only 8 were work out cards. Since I'm wearing work clothes (dress shoes, cargo pants, and a polo shirt (change the shoes and the shirt I'd be willing to go for a while)) I decided to do just the beginner level of the cards. This was before I knew that 2 of the cards were modifier cards.

In order I drew them:
40 vertical arm rotations
8 half situps (ie crunches)
8 kick backs (I did 8 per leg instead of switching halfway through like the card said)
30 seconds (intermediate level opps) Oblique bridge. (switch sides after time).
12 stationary lunges, switched after 6 per side. My right knee no liked.
20 seconds crab crawl. I just went back and forth in the space I had.
30 - second water break. I didn't take no 30 seconds
30 half jumping jacks. those were fun, but my legs kept going further than they should have.
8 staggered push-ups (I switched after 4 per side, my chest and arms are tight from the other workouts. Been tight for about a week. Only really notice it when I go to do more exercies though (usually push-ups))
Last Card: Double Next Card. Probably should have just doubled the push-ups.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

FitDeck order

I have to go pick my FitDeck order up at the post office tomorrow.

wow my hands hurt

The blister / callus things hurt. They're also puffed up. I think I'll have to rethink the set up on this work out, since it's the pull ups that is causing them to puff up and hurt like this.

Since I was pressed for time, because I'm a lazy git that didn't want to get out of bed, like most mornings; and wanted to get a workout in before work.

24kg bell, no breaks:
5 right hand swings
5 snatches
5 right leg suitcase dead lifts
5 pushups
5 pull ups (with band assist).
5 left hand swings
5 sntaches
5 left leg suitcase dead lifts
5 pushups
5 double 24kg squats (double clean, and then squat 5 times).

Actually feels pretty good. Wish I had more time to do more. But I want to try and be at work before 9am.

Oh and in slightly related news... I've had my sweat pants for about 10 years (9 I think). they're great. 5 pockets, UofM's M logo, a bluish gray color. Got them at K-mart when I went back to martial arts late 98 early 99 time frame. there are holes where the cargo pockets attach to the legs on both sides. They're way comfy. Earlier this week when tying them, the draw string broke. Where the string crossed itself to be tied. I was able to slide it around and re-tie it no problem. Today when I did the 3rd squat, the string broke again. the other side where it used to cross, but was now in the band. I pulled the string out. Kind of sad, I really like these pants, and I can't find another pair. No my weight has had less to do with the pants falling apart, than the age of the material. OH AND I'M STILL WAITING FOR MY FITDECK.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


My hands have blisters. Really really sore right now. The blisters are under my calluses. Mostly from the pull ups. They've been puffing up after doing them, but this is the first time it hurts to open and close my hands.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's a good day

I feel good today. I felt a little wore down when I got up. Lack of working out probably. Dragged my but to martial arts.

We did a light warm up. Lots of basic motions. Got my basic stances tweaked some. Lower stances. Lower stances burn the legs. Think squat on one leg, about 1/3 of the way to a full squat, roughly. Then hold it for about a minute. Wash and repeat.

This afternoon, I've worked some pull ups. Clean and press the 32kg bell. 20 push ups. More pull ups. a couple of bridges. I'm liking those by the way. Oh and some sumo dead lifts with 32kg bell. Plus I picked up my 45lb plates and put them on end of the pull up stand's legs. So I could do kip style pull ups (kick the knees up).

My legs aren't too bad. they're a little sore, the knees hurt on the sumo dead lifts (20 of them). My arms and back however hurt more. Those are sore and a little stiff.

Oh and my bird is trying to eat my face off.

ninja warrior

I saw the 2008 Ninja Warrior. The third stage looks way wicked. I was impressed.

What I'd still love to see is some of the RKC higher ups take on Ninja Warrior. That would be awesome to watch.

Friday, December 19, 2008

My problems with AT&T U-verse

I'm thinking of canceling my AT&T U-verse, my cable and internet. Yes the service I just got turned on yesterday.

Nutshell version, they're sales people lie, and they force their environmental beliefs on you.

1) The sales lady lied to me about the install date. She said that they'd be able to push it up in the calendar. They didn't. They didn't even show up ON TIME.

2) They lied to me about the availability of Static IP addresses. there is no where in the router / cable modem combo that I've been able to find to set my static ip. Which I'm paying $15.00 a month for, for a block of 8 addresses. (Either way this is getting canceled).

3) The biggest reason I'm thinking about canceling and going to Comcast (and if you know how much I hate comcast, you'd understand how pissed this made me), is because the U-verse equipment had built in Energy Star technology. The system turns off if you haven't changed the channel in a while. Or done anything else with the remote. Now at night that doesn't bother me... But can anyone guess why that does bother me during the day, while I'm not home? It has to do with something about a foot long, very very loud with the mentality of a 2 to 3 year old.

Yes my bird watches tv. It's used to keep him company during the day while I'm at work. I can't train him to use the remote. He hates them, and attacks them. so what ever this magic number for going into energy star power down is, it's less than the amount of time I sit at work. I was very unhappy when I came home today only to find the tv blue with a bouncing AT&T logo.

And from what I've quickly read on-line there is not a way to change it. There is not a way to get them to change it, and there does not appear to be a way to opt out of the Energy Star garbage. And yes, that is a huge reason to cancel it, and go with a service I know is sub standard, and not worth the cost. I don't care if I can record 4 tv shows at one time, if the tv is not calming my bird down, then it's not worth the cost I'm paying for it.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pull Pull Pull

So lately all I've been doing is pull ups... Mostly one or two here and there through out the day. From a standing postion. Last night I decided to use my thinner band.

3 sets of 3. 2 minute rest between each set.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How is porn dangerous to children?

So before I went on vacation, I found through the firewall logs, that someone was using the kiosk computers (the ones that we have for people to use on lunch in the lunch room) to surf porn.

I think it was Monday, the director said to get some kind of nanny software, clean those boxes, put the software on it, and put them back in place. I've been looking at nanny software today... Which all claims to be about protecting the children?

So I have to wonder protecting them from what? Porn is like Tv. It's real only to a point. As long as you realize that, what is there to be protected from?

Anyway.... Just got my hackles up because several places all said the same thing. Porn is Dangerous to children. Not those exact words, but that is what it's saying.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tried something new

So I tried something new last night, in the exercise realm. It was really fun actually. I know my form was off, and I was less than impressed with the instructor and senior people in the group. Mainly because they were doing it too, but not really saying that my form was wrong or how to fix what I didn't understand.

Really it was supposed to be instructor lead, but he just put the DVD in, and we followed along as best we could.

What was it? Yoga. And I actually feel good today. This is the loosest I felt in a long long time. I feel relaxed too. Look froward to doing it again, in about a month (no more classes until after the holidays). The apartment complex I live in, has free yoga classes on Mondays. I guess they have a Saturday class too... but my weekends are meant for sleeping in. If they weren't I'd be at martial arts, or kettlebell classes.

Friday, December 12, 2008

What is this really about?

I live in Michigan. I just moved further away from the Detroit area, but still think it's considered a suburb. I'm on the out skirts of Ann Arbor. I would have posted on this sooner but I do not have any net access at home yet, and have to use common area of the complex I live in. However I have few hours of the day to go there.

So what was the Auto Loans about? Why were they needed? And why did the republicans against it?

1) The loans are about giving the Auto Companies money that the Banks are NOT giving them. The auto companies have to buy equipment, raw materials, and pay their employees. The banks were given shit loads of money but have chose to sit on it, instead of using it for what it was supposed to be used for. Getting cash back into the system in loans.

2) They're needed because the companies have debt. They have to pay everyone for building the car before the car is sold. Cars are not fast food. They do not get built when you order them. They get built in advance, but don't bring money in, until it's sold. People are having problems buying cars right now. Not because the cars they make suck, but because the BANKS are refusing to give loans, if you need the money for anything. Don't need the loan, you'll get the money.

3) Why did the Republicans in the Senate kill it? Because they want to make people slaves. I'm watching Chris Dodd right now. He's talking about how the Republicans wanting to blame the workers for the problems that the auto makes have. They want to say the workers are paid too much. The guy getting paid $18.00 an hour to sweep the floor is a myth. I've worked in the auto industry. I got $15.00 an hour when I worked for EDS at a GM plant. When I went to work for GM I was making 30.00 an hour. But I was doing project management. and I was under paid. Yes there were UAW guys that made lots of money and hour there... but that's because they were there for 20 years, and that was the raises they got for performance. The reason that we're not seeing the Japanese companies asking for the money, because they get their money from over seas banks. BANKS that are not SITTING ON money they got from a Government.

So what the republicans are saying is that people make too much. They're still trying to kill the middle class. They're about getting their buddies (the ones that bribe them with donations) more money, while they get the American people who elect them even less. They gave shit loads of money to banks, and the banks are not doing what they are supposed to do, yet the republicans say they want to be the fiscal group. Bull shit. They want to make us a two class society.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

did 2.

From a standing position, I did 2 pullups today. Chin over the bar both times. Now I just need another inch or so, and get the chest to the bar.

Dropping weight

I'm sure eating less has something to do with that. Down 10 lbs in a week. Not a healthy loss. Don't know if the weight is going to come back or not. I don't think so. I am eating more though. Still sleeping a lot, tired a lot. Still have a lot to unpack. But I am working the pullup bar a bit. No strap for help, and can almost get full pull in, from the standing position.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Almost completely moved.

I forgot a few things at my Uncle's house. I'll run over there tomorrow and get them with the bird.

I'm not handling the stress well. Not sleeping much. 2 hours Friday Night. When I weighed myself Friday night before taking a shower I weighed in at 246lbs. After the move, I weighed myself on the scale at work (I came here just for the net access), I weighed 246 with all my clothes on. Which means I lost even more weight.

Thursday I was 249. I worked out hard, ate less. Friday I ate lightish. 3x total.

Yesterday, after 2 hours sleep, I ate 2 reese cups, and had some doctor pepper (around 1:30. My day started at 7:30. I ate diner around 6pm. Soup and a sandwich from Tim Hortons. Today the first thing I ate, was soup and a sandwich from Tim Hortons. I couldn't even finish it. Around 7pm I had an apple. I did feel like I had more energy about an hour after eating, than I did before eating.

Along with not handling the stress well, I'm not adapting to the move well either. I think the bird is doing a better job than I am.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Moving Day

Moving today. Half the distance to work. From my uncle's house, where I've been kind of renting (complicated), to an apartment.

Won't have a net connection for two weeks or so. Maybe longer (thinking of changing the service from what I got to something cheaper). Might wait til it's installed, and then down grade.

Friday, December 5, 2008

legs hurt

They were sore after Tuesday. Martial Arts was good Tuesday, but left me achy, mostly my legs.

Tonight it was my turn to kill the adult class.

Set 1:
Joint Mobility
Jumping jacks
crossing jumping jacks (feet cross on the down)
Front and Back jumping jacks. (feet swap front to back each arm motion).
Light stretching (touch toes, spread legs wider keep stretching, long front stance at the end).
10 Burpees
Russian twists
5lbs TGU
Front Stretch kick
front kick
side stretch kick
side kick

Set 2:
More jumping jacks
more toe touch
5 burpees
1 tgu per side, without weight
bear crawl sprint back
more stretch front kicks
more front kicks
round house kick
side stretch kicks
side kicks

Then we went and did break falls, with sprints back to the end of the line. Bunch of one steps, then take downs, then free fighting. Got to fight one of the Masters tonight. I love that, but they usually use me as a punching bag. Which is why I love it. I'm learning to cover my open spots. Now if I could just get attacks in too.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Not Done Yet!

So far... this is how the boxing project looks. This is how I spent the first week of my vacation.