Friday, May 29, 2009

Last night Tang Soo Do.

Last night was awesome. Got to class before it started. Took one of my 16kg kettlebells in with me. Changed in to my uniform, and then started my workout.

My goal was 100 continuous swings. No stopping.

I did all 100, I mixed it up starting and ending with two hand swings, right and left hand swings, and a couple of hand to hand swings when I changed hands.

By 70 my glutes and hammys were on fire. But I pushed through. Some of the kids in the kids class, about 2/3 of them were watching me, along with the masters.

Then I ran the kids class. Started with jumping jacks. The rule was be at the top when I'm at the top. Started at regular speed for the first 5, then the second 5 were at double speed, the last 20 were at triple speed. From there we went into buprees. They didn't keep count for the first half, about 8 or so. I kept cound for the last half. 8. So about 16 in all.

Then we did Range of Motion, look up and down a couple of times. left to right, rotate the neck around, windmill the arms forward and back, twist at the waist, circle the hips, rotate the knees, rotate the elbows and right ankle, rotate the wrists and left ankle.

After the windmills since our arms were straight out, I had them do static lunges. Right then left equals 1.

Then we did some stretching of the legs, toe touches and things. double wide legs (started at shoulder width), walked it out, we did our best to do 2 1-arm push ups. switch hands repeat. Then we did 20 twisting situps. and finally finished the warm up with 25 push ups.

While we were doing this, one kid was testing, and the other master got out the mats for break falls.

Demonstrated the front fall roll, helped the kids through it twice. Then we got three kick shields out, stacked them on top of each other, and let the colored belts (higher in rank than the white belt) jump and do the roll over them. Then I got out one of the community center's plastic high chairs, and cleared that without even trying. the parents were impressed.

Then we did side falls, and back falls. Then showed them how to do a take down, a simple one, and let them try 2x each. After that was one steps, then class ended.

8 kids got promoted last night. 4 white to orange, 3 orange to green, 1 green got a stripe. I think the last one messed himself out of a double promotion. There was talk before the test day that they were thinking about doubling him. He's had a slight attitude problem of late though. Not really putting effort into things, including his breaking. I think that's what kept him from getting doubled.

See he's in the front row, because of his rank and the class size. When we were doing the push-ups, when he thought I wasn't looking, he'd not do them. During the second set of burpees (10 more for punishment because people were talking), he wasn't jumping. Some of the others were not either. I said next person who doesn't jump, causes these to become harder (full body attack, deck squats instead of rock bottom squats). Everyone started to jump after that was said.

Then the adult class.
We didn't do a warm up. See the adult class is supposed to start at 7:00, but due to space we don't usually get started until 7:30, and have to waste even more time on the warm up, what 7-7:30 is supposed to be. At 7:10, I told the other 2nd gup (I've got time in rank and closer to my black belt than he is at this time) to warm the adults up. One adult came in at 7:30, and wasn't happy that we were already lined up and warmed up. The masters are trying to get us more space so we can start at 7:00 like we are supposed to.

Anyway we went straight into basic motions, combo motions and jump kicks. for the second time that night, I had sweat dripping off me heavily.

Then we did break falls, same as above, but 4 of us went over the high chair. :-) We also added 2, back roll to fighting stance, and front dead fall. I think only 2 of us can manage from a full stand on the dead fall.

Then we did forms. I kept messing up for some reason. Finished with some sparing. Then we had our the promotions for our class. 1 white to orange, 2 Green 2 stripe (4th gup) to red no stripe (3rd gup).

It'll be nice in the fall, to have 4 red belts up front. We're going into our 6 week break now, last class is tomorrow, we might have 4 red belts there, but probably not. I probably won't make it. I also know that T, the other 2nd gup won't be there for the summer.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

this morning the scale said

this morning the scale said 236.5 lbs. I've been eating less and working out harder. Although it might have had more to do with losing my water bottle last night.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More laptop woes

Quick history of the laptop.

It's a Thinkpad T60. I bought it when Compusa was having their "going out of business" sale. When my desktop died, I switched over to the laptop as my main system. That was about 2 years ago. Some people have admitted surprise in not having a new desktop system to replace the old one, but truth is, I just can't afford it.

Things I've done to the laptop:
Replaced the maleware that is Windows, that came with it, with Linux
Upgraded the memory to 4gig
Replaced the CPU to have a chip that had VT technology
Replaced the hard drive, with a larger faster drive.

This week, the battery light started blinking orange. the battery itself said that it was nearly fully charged. I've had issues with the lights on the system before like the wireless indicator light not flashing while using wireless. The lack of a flashing light there had to do with the Linux Kernel.

Anyway, looking up the flashing battery light via Google, it looks like an issue with the battery's safety fuse being blown. It also sounds like a common problem. Lenovo replaced the batteries last year, but I didn't know about the problem, nor did I have problems with my battery. They're no longer offering the battery replacement program. Not sure if my battery qualified anyway.

So looks like I have to buy a new battery now. :-(

Monday, May 25, 2009

Body Fat Check

Weigh before my shower today, 240 lbs.

Waist 42 inches
hips 44 inches
forearm 13 inches
wrist 7 inches

Everything but the forearm went down in sized.

Still don't know if I'm doing the measurements right, but it's to give me a ball park figure not an exact one.

According to this site, I have:

You have 21.9% body fat.

You have 52.6 Pounds of fat and 187.4 Pounds of lean (muscle, bone, body water).

Saturday, May 23, 2009


I started Martial Arts, Tang Soo Do, in 1985. I refused to test out of my rank as 10th gup multiple times. It actually got to the point where the Grand Master said if I didn't test, don't bother coming back. The way I would refuse to test, is just not show up for it.

I finally tested February 1987. My average grade on the test for 8th gup was 3.0

Examiner's comments. Eyes down / weak not confident. Upper block poor (same). Needs to pay attention in class, one steps - bad stance extend kick.

The examiners... No one knows who one is, the other we know, and has a gift for bs.

When I was a kid I didn't want to be there, and was more interested in making friends my age than how good I did in the class. I left not too long after.

In the late 90s I wanted to go back, was told the school was not more, because the grand master had passed away. I actually went to another school and signed up, but it was something like a month wait to start. Afterward I felt nostalgic, and drove past the community center the old school was in. After all those years, I still knew where it was. It wasn't the first time I dove past either, but it was the first time I dove past at the right time, on the right day.

My next test was March of 2001. I returned in August of 2000. Grade average for 6th gup was 3.8. Comment on my one steps from this examiner was "good control".
Other comments were: keep back leg straight, good focus. Shrugging shoulders on punches. Test performed by my current head master. (not a grand master, took over the school when the grand master died). I did go from 8th to 6ht, but there is a little more to it than that. While I was gone, they did away with the 8th gup rank, so when I came back I was technically an 8th gup, but considered a 7th gup.

My next test, which was me going for 5th gup, was February of 2002. The losest grade I got, was on 1 form. The grade was a 3.8. It was on a form I had only done once or twice. It was a from for the rank I was testing for. Average grade was 4.1. It resulted in a Double Promotion.

that Summer, the community center closed the school, and I trained with Grand Master Drouillard and Master Rick Burns (the master whose funeral I went too).

A year later I was ran over by a drunk driver, and told I'd never walk again. They said if I was ever lucky enough to walk, I'd need a cane, and I'd never do the stuff I used to for fun. Things like rock climbing, scuba diving, roller blading, martial arts. It took six months to prove them wrong about the walking, but they were right about the martial arts. At the time it looked like I'd never do that again. I went, I tried, and I usually had to drop out crying from the pain. That was 2004. I tried several times. Every time, the same thing. I tried again in 2005, and still the same thing.

In 2006, I started where I work now. The Senior Engineer at the time was a big exercise freak. I was up to 260. The most I'd ever weighed before was 250. I was 180 when I got hit by the car. The guy I worked with talked me into joining the gym he went to. Even though I still walked with a slight limp, and on occasion would come to work with a cane.

At the gym, part of the membership package was a half hour for training. Part of it was asking what you background was, and why you joined the gym. My anwsers never varied. I'm a formal martial artist, I want to get back down to my fighting weight. Half the current weight.

The trainer kicked my butt. I couldn't walk the next day. But all he worked on were my legs. He didn't have any space for any more clients, but there was this new guy, a buddy of his from another gym that had a martial arts background too.

I worked with the guy for about 3 months. He got me into kettlebells. The guy I worked with, always said he'd be my trainer, he used to be the guy in the army they sent people to. The remedial PT instructor. I even worked out with him, but his work out style and my style are too different. He wants the body builder look. I want the fighter look. He used to give me crap about working with Don. Until he watched one of our workouts. Don loved it. I wasn't like most clients. I was there to be pushed. Not just have the trainer to show off. My buddy was impressed.

About 2 months of training with Don, and not having a limp anymore (Kettlebells rock), I went to the Martial Arts school. They were doing matt work. I had only gone to talk and hang out for a bit. I asked if I could play on the matts. They were doing break falls. When I got done, everyone was staring. The head master asked where else I had been training. I said no where. I've been working with a MMA fighter, which Don was, as a personal trainer at the gym. They asked if I'd be back, I said in the fall. I was just too busy at the time with work.

I went back that fall.

March 2008, I tested again. I was going for 3rd Gup. I put down my original start date of 1985. My average grade was 3.9. I was awarded my 2nd gup. this test form, and cert are a little different then my other 3. The other 3 are copies of the original test sheet. This test sheet is the Original that the master usually keeps. Bot the test sheet, and the certificate have the club seal (stamp) on them. Those certs are the rare ones. They can't get them any more from what I understand.

I'm told this summer I will test again. While talking about me to another master, while I was standing there, the comment was made I'll be up for my black belt by the end of the year.

It's been 23.5 years. I've gotten more injuries than I can remember from the class alone. Dislocated toe, a torn up knee (it's gotten better too, like the hip), broken heals. sprains, and twists.

I can't wait to see what history I'll be talking about in another 23.5 years.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Hurts to type

3rd post tonight, and some edits to it and the last one.

It hurts to type, but I feel good right now. Good is a retaliative term. Compared to earlier.

Tried to do the Workout tonight at Joust Fitness. Feng was running it.

I wrapped the wrist with a wrist wrap from ace. Brought in one of my 16kg Dragon Door kettlebells. Used that for the warm up. 45 seconds swing, figure 8, TGU Situp (just the sit up part of the TGU) right then left.

I tore that up. it felt good. didn't bother my wrist.

Then the WOD was 400m run. Those kill me. Any run does. I used to be good at running but that was a long time ago. Now if I run that's it, I'm hurting the rest of the time.

Dead snatches. Tried 24kg for those. Could do the Right, but controlling the bell was just too hard with the left. Regardless of what size weight I used.

Couldn't do the pushups (tricept pushups on the kettlebell). Wrist couldn't do it. first round I tried ring rows, but it started to hurt the hand and wrist too. second round I tried polly box knuckle pushups. third round, whole hand hurt so I put the forearm on one, and did all the work on the right side.

Goblet squats I couldn't even hold the bell, ended up doing rock bottom squats. tried right hand clean squats at 16kg, something I can do, but my shoulder was saying No Mas after the ring rows.

Add to it I was trying to jog the 400m run, usually ended up walking. I really can't run. I feel bad being so slow and taking forever, I try to go faster, but just suck. Feng called my workout after round 3. we were out of time, and they had another group coming in after me.

I don't think going and working out to day was a wise move, but I don't believe in letting an injury stop me. It'll slow me down, it'll prevent what I can do, but it will not stop me. If let it stop me, I would have let it stop me from walking again. it's what makes me, me. Wise probably not, not going to surrender... Damn the torpedoes.

Watching the wings game. Lost track of the time and missed the huge hit. Friend called and asked me what was wrong with me. First I got to watch was the Wings killing the 5 minute power play against them. If Zetaburg would have got the breakaway short handed goal Chicago Blackhawks would be busted.

I'm a skeptic year round. But when it comes to hockey I suspend my skeptic ways, and buy in to the superstition. Grow a beard with my team. Wear the Jerseys. I have 4. Detroit was hurting. down 3 nothing about 1/2 through the second. I got out my Newest Jersey, bought it a few years ago. Red, winged wheel, number 9 on the sides and back. The only thing about it that's not right is it actually says Howe on the back. Gordie's didn't from what I can tell.

But as I put it on, Wings went on the power play. And got the first goal. Now they're tied going into the 3rd.

Only down side, Captain is trying to eat the jersey. I keep having to chase him off.

Thursday: Evening

Came home at 4:30, after the long day at the funeral. Washed my uniforms quickly. Still a little wet when I left. Glad my car was hot, but still didn't feel completely dry when I put it on.

Worked the shields when kids were kicking. Then worked with the students that were not testing. Did 1 steps, 3 steps, and Forms. Let 2 (3rd and 6th gups) do some light sparing at the end of the class.

Adult class was turned over to me for warm up. I was told to warm them up in under 10 minutes if I could. Started with jumping jacks, tossed in squats mid jack, squat thrust style push ups mid jack, jumping twists mid jack, and Range of Motion work. Then for fun, after... I tossed in some full body attacks. Think Deck Squat Brupees. When I was done, we were soaked and out of breath. Had a guy say he didn't think a person could be worked that hard in 10 minutes.

Master Clinton told us to get water and line up for one steps. After a few minutes of being in line and not having him come back to start us, I took full control of the class. We ended up having a visiting master.

One steps, three steps. Circled around the heavy bag, by rank. Rule was, lowest rank started, and it was 1 minute as hard as you could against the bag. Finish as hard or harder than you started. We went around 2 times. Second round we were harder than the first round. I think I hit the bag wrong and sprained my wrist. However at the end of my last minute (highest rank), after the timer buzzed, I collapsed. I was in the mid of sucking wind, trying to tell them to get water, and my legs both gave out, and I fell to the left. It's my left hand that's sprained. At first I thought I rebroke my middle knuckle, the whole had hurt.

At one point, after her second time through, one person asked if she could go get her inhaler, my only response was never ask. She asked using hand motions. I'll have to say something Tuesday to both classes about the things you don't ask for. Passing out, inhalers, and throwing up.

Then we did forms. Did lots of forms multiple times, then did all forms as 1 long form, drop out when you get to you finish your highest. The other guy the same rank as me (I'm higher in rank because I've got time in grade, been the rank longer) went through, 10 forms. No rest.

Then class ended.

Then I did 30 straight punishment push ups because I messed up the same form 6 times or so.

At one point yesterday, Master Clinton told another Master I trained under in the late 90s early 2000 that I'll probably get my black belt by the end of the year. That was at the funeral. I was told at one point during class, that I'll be testing the early part of the summer semester. 7 weeks or so. Too much to do in that time. I don't feel ready, said as much, and was told I will be told when I'm ready. :-( I have some goals I want to accomplish before my next test (should be 1st gup). Now I have less time to get them done in. And I'm nursing another injury.

One of the guys there, J the tall guy, trained there when I was kid with me. He's 10 years older than me, was in his teens back then. He used to take 1st or 2nd at the tournaments, his buddy would take the other (we've always put out the best). After the class last night, he and several other said great class. He said that I should become a Fighting Coach. Boxing or something. He would know, he used to be a "professional" tournement fighter. Only reason he trained was to go to tournies and clean house.

When I lead, I usually push harder than everyone else when I lead the class. I do it all too, because I want to be better than I am. Lots of Cardio and strength mixed together. Almost all body weight.

Thursday: During the day

So I got to the Funeral home about 9:45am.

I got a couple of pics of the hearse. It was pretty cool looking.

When I went Wednesday night, he was dressed in a suit. Yesterday they had re-dressed him, in his riding gear.

The funeral progression had lots of cars, and about 10 motorcycles. The trip took about 45 miles. It was a nice last ride. Wish I had my motorcycle working. These were the riders that I want to associate with. Not because several of them were Tang Soo Do masters, but because they had the right attitude. If you're on 2 wheels your a brother, regardless of what you ride. One even had a sticker, Bikers are a rare breed, Harley riders are a dime a dozen.

The ride went from Flatrock Mi, to Gibraltar Mi, around to New Boston Mi, back to the Funeral home. We rode through the cemetery (funeral home was on it). Saw the new Lighthouse they but cremated remains in. Master Burns will be the first set of ashes entombed there.

Went to the luncheon after. Lots of fun. Lots of people I met. It really was a Master's met / who's who of South East Michigan Tang Soo Do.

Didn't get home until 4:30 pm.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Diet and...

so when I did the life post earlier, I forgot to mention a few things. Note this is my 5th post today.

1: Diet - So I'm testing at the end of the summer. That's all I know. It should be for my first gup, but if any past performance is any indication of future expectations, I might be testing for higher. I really don't think so though.

Either way, I want to be in a size 5 uniform. Because those are my patched uniforms, and I don't want to patch my current ones.

Tho help me reach that goal, I gave up drinking alcohol a while ago. I don't miss it to the point I don't even know how long it's been. about a month or so.

I've also decided this week to give up meat. Not quite vegan, but pretty close. Line last night when someone asked me what a vegan was, he knew the word but not what one was, I said "if it doesn't grow from the ground it doesn't go in your mouth"

I have cheese and potato perogies, and I'm not going to go obsessively over the contents on some wrappers (power bars). Otherwise no dairy, no eggs, nothing that doesn't come from the ground. I'm going to grab some soy protein this week at the store though. Not that I'll really need it.

So until July 31, no booze, no meat.

Martial Arts goes on break after next week for 6 weeks. My plan for those six weeks are:
Monday - Yoga
Tuesday - Power Core (taught at the apartment complex, it's free)
Wednesday - not sure yet
Thursday - Bootcamp (taught at the apartment complex, it's free)
Friday - Kettlebell class
Saturday - don't know yet
Sunday - Kettlebell class (if I can afford it).

Also want to work ETK minimum again at 24kg, and 100 push-ups, and some kind of pull-up and sit up program. (Have to be able to do 45 consecutive push ups and sit ups for my next martial arts test). Maybe I'll try to get pistols down too.

Life lately

So I haven't been to a kettlebell class for the last 2 weeks. Mostly because of bad timing. 2 weeks ago, I made it to class late, wasn't going to change and play catch up since they were mostly done with their warm up. Last week I didn't get out of work on time. 10 hour shift. Wasn't supposed to be but bad things happened and it took a while to get out of here.

I've played around with some on my own but nothing serious. I did some swings last night focusing on my hip snap and tightening the glutes... Man did that hurt. But in a good way. it was only 20 swings, @ 24kg but man. MAN. I might try it tonight (after I get back from the funeral home) with 32kg.

Martial Arts:
I haven't made it to the Saturday classes, I've been getting up to late to go. Usually waking up half way through the class. Otherwise nothing major going on in class. One of our Masters passed away over on Sunday. He hasn't been to our school in a long time.

The only other thing Martial Arts wise, we did free fighting again last night. I was all over the tall guy, faced him twice, and the fast guy, faced him once. T has gotten a little better at control. I only have one bruise in my arm. Not even sure it's from him though. Could be from J. I was blocking and countering as fast as T could throw things. He also got my foot stomps. I'll step on a person's foot to hold them there, while I pound. I've never been able to do that with him before.

J kept running all over the place, and having to stop to catch his breath. He's got a better body shape than I do, but I guess I'm actually in better shape than he is. Second fight, less than a minute in, he was soaked in sweat, backed off, doubled over and saying no more.

Oh, and when I give out punishments now, we do burpees not push ups. Next will be full body attacks (deck squat to a push up to a squat to a jump). Some people enjoy doing push ups, and don't care if that's the "punishment". So I made it harder.

A guy who was a black belt when I was a kid, and a master when I went back to MA as an adult, passed away over the weekend. He was pretty young, 53 years old. He got melanoma and it wasn't caught until it was already in stage 4. Meaning it was into his internal organs. Treatment didn't go to well, and he's been at home in a hospice environment for the last few weeks. He was a 6th Dan, but probably should have been 7th (Grand Master), my master (who is older and been a DAN as long if not longer (5th dan)) said he's going to refer to Master Burns as a Grand Master.

Back in 2002, the city closed my school for the summer. We train out of the community center, and they didn't think there was enough people to justify having summer classes. So I went and trained under Grand Master Drouillard. Master Burns would pretty much run the class. The grand master would turn it over to him to run.

I'm going to the viewing tonight, and the funeral tomorrow. Even though I knew who he was, and trained under him at one point, I still feel like an impostor for going. I doubt he'd have known or remembered me, if he was healthy.

Other things:
Been working on pull ups and push ups. I can do 4 assisted pull ups with a Super Band, the 1 and 3/4 inch one. Did 5 sets of 10 pushups last night.

Captain's feathers have grown back pretty well, from his accident. Took him to get his claws trimmed over the weekend. That was fun.

Haven't been to yoga for 2 weeks now either. Yoga Mondays, kettlebell class Fridays.

Work is work.

I've been busy, computer stuff.

So one of the things I wanted to do when I created this blog, was make it more professional than my live journal account. That failed. But I do tend to try and cover an array of things here, besides just working out. Which is what lead to those other two posts earlier. The ones about U-verse and Knoppix 6. I took longer entries that I saw people going to via google (in my site tracker report) and made 2 condensed versions so they wouldn't have to hunt through longer posts for them.

Two weeks ago, my laptop at home suffered bad things when I tried to upgrade my installed version of Sidux to the latest version via apt-get dist-upgrade. It resulted in me having no GUI to use. All the data was still on the drive, and as long as I didn't want to do anything that required a Grapical environment, I was ok. Sadly that made surfing the web and watching videos hard.

To fix it, I bought a new hard drive. 320gig for about $70.00 USD + shipping. After installing it, I tried the latest CD ISO of Sidux, only to have it do the same thing up the software upgrade. No GUI. Next I tried Gentoo, after 2 failed installs I said screw it. Then I tried something else, I don't remember, and didn't care for it either, so I tried Gentoo again. 2 more installs later, I finally had a working system. As long as I didn't want to use a GUI. Trying to install the GUI would cause the system to shut down. It'd be in mid compile, and the next thing I know, it's turned off.

So I went back to Debian, haven't ran straight Debian for a while. Set up and encrypted hard drive, which is nice, and Debian so far is the only one I've seen that give the option on install. Of course it took about 5 hours to erase and encrypt the drive. I got a working system, with a GUI, but didn't like that some of the software was old. Debian Lenny had verison .8 something of VLC, and Open Office 2.4. Which trying to upgrade to 3.0 was what caused the problem to start with on the laptop.

I told the system to update itself to the Unstable branch, I tend to run something based off Unstable or Testing anyway, and it removed my GUI and wouldn't give it back. I got the Debian Testing Nightly build install, and it installed fine. I told it to install KDE, my preferred GUI. It did. KDE 4. Which was ok, because I wanted to try KDE 4 out.

I don't like KDE 4. It's too Vista like for my tastes. I don't see why they have to chase what Microsoft is putting out for the GUI. I can't turn off Plasma (or if I can, I haven't found out how yet) so I can install non-Plasma themes from the theme site. I don't like the desktop widget. I like to store some files on my desktop. It's the way I am. They're files I refer to regularly, things like what episode is next in a series I'm watching, a list of commands, etc. I don't like the bars at the top of the windows, I'd like to change those. And lastly, I don't care for the slowness. Even scrolling / page up / page down in Ice Weasel (Debian's Firefox fork) is slow. It shouldn't be and wasn't under Gnome.

I'm thinking of installing XFCE and LDXE on the thing and see how those deal. I also have to find a way to get my old data off the old hard drive. I've gotten most of the tweaking done though.

Knoppix 6 and SSH

I've noticed a few trends in my visitor lists. One is people looking for information about Knoppix version 6 and ssh.

As I've said before I like my Gnu/Linux a little harder. I installed Knoppix 6 on a laptop at work and ssh was not included. No server, no client.

It is included on the Live CD, and can be ran from the live cd. However when I did the install, it was not there. To get it, I had to do the following:

root@Microknoppix:~# apt-cache search ssh
root@Microknoppix:~# apt-get install openssh-client

The above commands are tested from the live cd. On an installed system your milage may vary.

*EDIT - 2010/04/22

I've revisited this. Running Knoppix on VirtualBox.

Knoppix 6.2, LXDE. Click the desktop menu button, and under preferences Start SSH.

Aptitude had the ssh server listed when I searched for ssh, with the sourcelist that was installed from the LiveCD

AT&T blocking port 25

I've noticed a few trends in my visitor lists. One is people looking for information about AT&T U-verse blocking port 25.

Yes they, like many ISPs are blocking out bound port 25 for non-business customers. This is in an attempt to cut down on spam. I think it's a failed attempt, because the zombies still spam like mad, but meh.

I was able to get my U-verse connection un-blocked by calling tech support. I also have a static IP address block. If you're trying to find out a way to get around the block good luck. If you have a reason that you need out bound port 25, and are not a spammer, you'll need to call Customer Support.

Friday, May 8, 2009

computer stuff

So yesterday, because I really wanted my laptop to run Open Office 3, instead of Open Office 2.4, I upgraded my distro. I run Sidux, which is a mash of Debian testing and Debian unstable.

Turns out that they've upgraded the Xserver software, and in the course of the upgrade things got broke on my box. If I want to access my laptop as a text only console device, with no gui, it's fine. However I use my laptop as my everyday computer.

I finally ordered the new hard drive I wanted for the laptop. 320 gig, 7200rpm I should get it Tuesday. Problem is I don't know what I want to run on it as my OS. The reason I went with Sidux to begin with, was because it was the only distro that supported my wireless card at the time. However there are things about it I don't like.

Here are the choices:
Sidux - not happy with some of the changes they made / some programs they use (like ceni)

Knoppix - Used to be great, but I don't think it's the linux swiss army knife. New installer isn't that great either. Doesn't work unless you use the FS they want you to. I like ext3, but I can't use it with there install. there was other issues I had with it to.

Debian - It's nice, and I think a great base, but come on 4 DVDs for an install? Seriously. Ok downloaded the netinst cd. But No live cd, so I can't make sure things work before installing

Gentoo - I've only "successfully" installed it once, and even then I didn't have a GUI. It was on work's laptop.

Not being considered: Anything Redhat based. I use Redhat, Centos, and Fedora at work, I just don't care for them that much. Ubuntu, same reason, even though I don't use it at work.

Until I get the new drive, I'll be running a live cd. I've got a few to play with the next few days. It'll be nice to clean some of the crap off the box to.

Martial Arts stuff

So Tuesday, we had a big Sparing session. No gear, just the groin protection if you were wearing it. I always wear mine. Mistakes happen.

One guy, same rank as me, we'll call him T, is about 14, light, fast, no power, no control. Another guy, we'll call him J, about 200lbs and 6'4". I had to fight both of them. One could out move me, one could out reach me.

At the end of the class the other night, the 3rd Dan pulled me and T of to the side after class. Said our fighting styles complemented each other on the multi-opponent fights. I've got control and targeting, T had the speed. T usually leaves me bruised and in pain the next day after fighting him. Wednesday was no different. He can get multiple shots off and since he lacks control to pull the punches, well I get bruised ribs.

J moves in and out of my range, and uses his long limbs as a way to beat me like a dog.

This lead me to asking on the AOS forum for tips to increase my speed. I used to be as fast as T. After a long conversation, with people, I've changed my workout a little bit. 32kg is a lot harder than 24. Still going to use 24 for etk. don't know what I'm going to use tonight for the KB class.

However something else the conversation on the forum did. It reminded me of the way I used to train. The speed and agility drills.

I tossed those in to the workout pile the last 2 days. Speed jumping jacks, jumping the box (out line of a box on the ground, and you jump around to different parts of the box), burpees as fast as you can (I can do 10 pretty quickly turns out, found out last night), and a new one, pushup to jump to run (no idea what it's really called. Start in a pushup, jump up, turn 180 and sprint).

Last night in sparing, there was targeting, power, control, and SPEED. No one could get away from me. T actually ran and hid behind one of the heavy bags to keep back. He was in shock. I was moving faster than he was. J, couldn't keep from being cornered. He'd back up to use his reach, I'd jam in on him, and he'd have no where to go, because he'd back into the wall.

It was awesome. I'm also not bruised today. Although T did get a good judo chop to the back of my ear at one point, but there wasn't a lot of power to it.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

tonight's workout

Warm up was
100 jumping jacks in the grass
Range of Motion

17minutes 38seconds.
10 Burpees
10 2 hand swings @ 32kg
9 Burpees
10 2 hand swings @ 32kg
8 Burpees
10 2 hand swings @ 32kg
7 Burpees
10 2 hand swings @ 32kg
6 Burpees
10 2 hand swings @ 32kg
5 Burpees
10 2 hand swings @ 32kg
4 Burpees
10 2 hand swings @ 32kg
3 Burpees
10 2 hand swings @ 32kg
2 Burpees
10 2 hand swings @ 32kg
1 Burpees
10 2 hand swings @ 32kg

Warm down:
100 m (I hope) walk.

My original goal was to do more, but my legs were really hurting after the jumping jacks (calves), and my thighs hurt on the burpees. I don't remember working them that hard the last few days.

Went to where the Self Defense class used to be held. Met one former student, we went out for a walk. About 30 to 40 minutes. Down and up a hill, through grass and a trail.

Don't have it in me to do anymore tonight. I was looking forward to Joust Fitness's workout of the day:
wod: 20 dbl squats, 100m waiters walk, 20 push press, 100m wtd lunge (low carry). 3 rounds. Whoa WTF difficult.

And to finish my day, I wanted to do today's workout from Sandy Sommer.

Too many good choices today. Not enough time, or energy in the tank.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Not good

So I paid rent today at the apartment complex. While I was there, the person I report to, the actives coordinator, said she needed to talk to me before I left.

They've decided to cancel / put on hiatus until October, the Self Defense class. She said they're putting the party boat in the water this week, and this way I can have some time off and enjoy the summer.

I know it's really about the numbers, and who shows up to the class.

It is what it is. Down side is, my rent is going up 240.00 because of it. Instead of paying directly they credit my pay to my rent. I think I've said that before here.

So the things I was planing on doing with that money, like go to a kettlebell class with Sandy Sommer RKC, is out now too.

I really can't wait to get out of debt and start having money to do things. Even money to save, more than $5.00 a week would be nice.

The only good things coming out of this, my parrot is going to have more time to spend with me on Wednesdays, I can watch Mythbusters instead of DVRing it, and I don't have to buy a mat to practice break falls on, at least not right now.