Monday, June 29, 2009

I missed that, but have not missed it.

Did ETK. 22 minutes of pain.

I missed that. Yet I didn't.

5 rounds of warm up in 10 minutes
wall squats
and pumps

12 minutes of work
30 swings
1 min active rest.

completed through 6 times at 24kg.

Took a few minutes to get into the right mind set on the warm ups. When the timer chimed for the end of the warm-up, I grabbed the kettlebell and wondered what the hell I was doing. It was hard. lungs burnt.

max heart rate 178 (94%)
Min Heart rate 80 (42%)
avg heart rate 142 (75%)

290 Calories.


Jennifer said...

gotta love masochism! :)
how's the shoulder?

Chris J said...

It was a little stiff. However when I went to cover Captain's cage there was a little pain when my arm went over shoulder height. Nothing too bad though.

It's stiff again this morning.

Jennifer said...

i hope things are only continuing to approve from there...