Wednesday, January 7, 2009

follow up to the note to self

I deleted my note to self.

Thought about deleting this one too and doing a third. Not being emo, just not liking what I'm learning.

So to get memory and processor I want, I can't have sli. Can still run an nvidia card though. Won't be doing cross fire either.

INTEL Core 2 Quad
Gigabyte mother board (nice specs)
16 gigs of memory.

Now I just need to find a 1tb SATA hard drive, a video card,and power supply. The base os will run on a pata drive (500g) and the 1tb drive will be used for 4 virtual machines. 1 primary, 1 windows (I know, I know, and I'm not happy about going back to it either) and 2 for testing. Mostly linux distro testing.

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