Saturday, January 24, 2009

karma is a bitch

First I messed up the pin for my new atm card, when buying groceries on the way home from work. Turns out, messing it up 1x, locks the card, credit only. Think I re-set it but not sure. I found this out when I made an emergency shopping run to the store tonight.

From the time I got home, until about 10:30 all good. Then tore a callus on my hand. I've been using my ped-egg, and thinking the problem was my imagination, not that it wasn't really filing anything down. Got new pads for that tonight. Wow you can tell the difference. It's not a bad tear, just a small one on the bottom. won't stop me though.

After tearing the callus, I used the bathroom... Turned out the toilet was clogged, I didn't know that, flushed it, and it flowed all over the floor. I didn't have a mop... Maintenance was cool though.

Went to the store to get a mop, when I tried to use the card, with the right pin, it said invalid, to many bad pin. Still worked as credit it, like it did at Kroger's earlier.

I almost spent more money than I should, but talked myself down from buying a new scale. It does body fat, and I found out my current scale was missing the rubber stoppers for the feet on the bottom. don't know if they're really needed... But it's the feet that depress and tell you your weight. I'll see how it works tomorrow. I'll get the other scale next payday (Next Friday).


Jennifer said...

Ok, so if it's karma, who did you screw over lately?

Chris J said...

Between the stuff at work, and the kicking the kid in the head last night... I'm sure it's karma.

Chris J said...

I have not been a good person at work lately.

Jennifer said...

MMM, obviously missed that previous post. Sorry, thought I was keping up. Don't be so hard on yourself. I think karma is more for somewhat more malicious things.

Chris J said...

Actually, I don't really believe in karma, just know things have been less than stellar lately.