Friday, January 23, 2009

The last few days

The last few days at work have been hectic and a blur.

I remember the best developer we have coming to me a lot. The first time was to ask me about 2 linux boxes on our network I knew nothing about. The rest of the time, to fix the things that were broken on them, because the windows admin and jr network engineer built them, without understanding how to build linux servers. No fault of their own. They're used to linux on the desktop, linux on the server is a whole new beast.

I remember digging through proxy related activities on the network. I remember finding out that while I was busy with high-profile projects, people have been making changes to the network without checking with me first. And thus, throwing future projects that will improve productivity and enhance the network. I only even found out because JNE asked me a question, thinking he was impressing management, and checking his facts after the fact. At which point started a shit storm yesterday between me, my manager, up to my director, to the director of manufactoring and down the other side. It was a mess.

Which has lead to 2 days of doing network redesigns in my head, having people ignore what I say, because the JNE with the cert and NO to Little experience disagrees with me. A lot of it is because they're thinking departmentally and not company-wide.

At one point, my manager who has been "robbing Peter to pay Paul" said that we couldn't rob Peter to fix the issue. I said we're not. We're going to kill Peter and just be done with it. By the way, robbing Peter to pay Paul, is part of what led to this problem.

Last night in twitter, I said I couldn't wait to go beat someone up. Which is my way of saying I'm looking forward to going to Martial Arts, and distressing while working out. I ended up kicking a lower belt in the back of the head during warm ups. It wasn't meant to happen, my mind just was not in the right place. The 30 self-imposed punishment push-ups afterward weren't very pretty either, since about some of the class dropped to do them with me.

tonight's 100 push challenge, week 1, day 3.

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