Friday, January 2, 2009

People that don't know what they're talking about

So there is a show on Detroit Public Television right now. It's called Due Process. They have a couple of people on the tv, that really don't' know what they're talking about, about computers and privacy. One is Susan Crawford, Professor of Internet Law at the University of Michigan. The other is Patrick Corbet Professor of Criminal Law at Thomas ME. Cooley Law School.

They're talking about the person who cracked into Palin's private email. And how her privacy wasn't protected because someone was able to use publicly available information to get past the "security questions". The lady, missed her name, is saying that email should be protected by privacy between her and the provider. If you send it clear text, you have no privacy END OF STORY.

Now they're talking about company acceptable use policies. It seems like the 3 talking heads are all lawyers, but still.

Just annoying, completely. They have little clue on the technology side of things, and trying to explain the INTERNET should be. They're trying to sound like experts. And people will believe them because they're law professors.


Edit 1, put their names in, and added information.

edit 2: SCREAMS AT THE TV. Moderator asked if there was a way to completely clean a hard drive. They both said no. They'll always be able to get some of the data back.

I can think of several computer programs that take hard drive as close as possible to out of the box fresh state. I know the NSA uses one of those too.

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