Saturday, January 3, 2009

Strange things happen when you approach strangers

Had to go to the store and get some stuff... Odds and ends. You know toothpaste, dental floss, cartridges for my razor, sand paper. One of the things I wanted to do was look at the price of weights. I wanted to get an idea of how much a 35lbs one would cost me. I looked at k-mart and the largest they went to were 25lbs for hex style dumb bells. Since there is a Dunham's sports in the same strip, I drove over there.

Spotted a guy looking at one of those iron gym things. The door way pull up bars, that sit on the door, not get screwed into it. He then walked over to another area, and looked at some other ones. At which point I told the guy I'd sell him mine for 15.00 or so less. It needs epoxy on the rubber to hold it to the bar (The one that goes over the door), but it was in decent shape and still worked. He asked why I didn't use it. I told him the truth. The door jams at my old house were too large, and while it fits at my apartment, I have one of free standing pull up bars in the back. He asked me to show him. So I did. He liked it more. We got to talking about some other stuff. He gave me his business card. He's an Assistant US Attorney. Actually I think I've met this guy before. he looked familiar, and I know I met a US Attorney before in a sports store. He was very appreciative of the help, was going to check some things out that I told him about.

Ran back into him like 15 minutes later in the check out (I bought a yoga matt, because it was on sale and need it for Monday's Yoga classes, they have community ones, but I'd rather have my own). He said thanks again for the help. Told him I'd call him later this week and give him my number and stuff, and to let me know if he wanted to come over and get a decent workout (I'll introduce him to kettlebells and AOS, plus let him try my pull up bar in the front room).

Oh and the cool thing. I did a pull up (only to chin over the bar, not the chest), and did the corn cob thing (sliding side to side on the bar, didn't try to to go backwards. I also know the guy in that video) ALL FROM A DEAD HANG with no band.

Oh yeah, and I'm up to 24 pull ups today (not counting the dead hangs) with the 1 3/4 band in sets of 4.


Jennifer said...

TOTALLY F'ING AWESOME about the pull-up, but I am seriously jealous. And I'm glad someone else has random encounters with strangers.

Chris J said...


I just wish I had someone to take a video of me doing it so I can win the challenge you put me up to. :)