Friday, January 30, 2009


Thursday was pretty good. Regular day at work. Got some stuff done.

Martial Arts was really good. We started warming up at 7pm. The four of us that were there. Went til 7:30. I led them through a great work out. Then after we finished and the kids class was winding down, I got stuck talking to the head master. Not really stuck, but was up front on the side, instead of in the back like normal. Wow the acoustics there suck. Can hear quite a bit, and even though we trying be quiet.

Anyway while I was up there more people showed up, so we didn't get jump straight into it. So I got a 5 minute warm up and stretch. It was good. Jumping Jacks to burpees (no stop), stretches, and ROM. Some Stretch kicks to end it. Then we did one steps, then three steps, forms, and finished with free fighting. I got to fight one of the masters. He used to be a professional tournament fighter. Really good at free fighting. I enjoy to fight him. I always get beat up, and learn so much about my weaknesses. Held pretty good this time. At the end though, he nailed me in the jaw. My ear was ringing and my vision flashed white. It was awesome, left me dazed for a bit. I was already having problems. I got dizzy during one of the forms and nearly fell over. So the hit was just over the top. Kept shaking my head. Bowed us out and homeward bound.

The way home was meh, until I got to 94 and 275. Then things just got weird. Started with a jack knifed semi in the median. Then further up, a flipped over jeep suv. Then something like 6 more on top of that. I stopped at the semi, make sure the driver was ok, and call 911. Felt sorry for the guy. The other ones had people stopped already.

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