Monday, January 19, 2009

I feel great

Yoga wasn't as hard as normal tonight. I was the most advanced person there. Kind of sad. The really good yoga lady wasn't there tonight. She had something else to do. The Yoga instructor was the lady one that we've had all month.

There is more interest in my Self Defense class. One of the new people at Yoga tonight is a security guard here. She heard about it Saturday, when I was trying to find the Coordinator. She asked tonight where I studied. I said Allen Park. Too far for her, but the yoga lady said they they could take it there. I had to put the breaks on it there. There is a difference between a Martial Arts Class, and a Self Defense class...

SD - how to punch, kick, block and run away.

MA - History, philosophy, discipline, formality, forms, language, and testing and belts.

But there is interest going around.

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