Friday, January 30, 2009

Today was just strange

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Tried to get up at 5am. Didn't work. Got up around 8:30. Went and paid rent. Then went and talked to the Coordinator, because she didn't call yesterday.

The Self Defense class is on. Next Wednesday at 7:30pm for the ladies, 8:30 for both sexes.

Leaving there, a guy whipped around a corner (we have medians with little turns in them to get into parking lots), didn't even bother trying to slow, I almost t-boned him. Then at the first light I had to turn at, a semi started fish tailing. Turned down another road and got 1/2 way to the road I needed, only to have it closed by an accident. 2 lane road, and the 2 cars took up the whole thing. Looked bad.

Ran by the post office, watched a cute break down about her package. Dropped off my Package going back to amazon for refund, and finally left for work. Get there, get told a server is down in our Louisville office. Called the Louisville tech to reboot the box, it's been flaky. Found out that the doors down there were broke. The mag locks would not disengage. So I got to spend time on the phone with him to figure out how to break into the computer room down there.

Other weird things most the day, like at lunch when I was given the wrong pager for my food, and they had to come find me, so they could give it to me. Then when I got ready to go, which takes about 15 minutes for me to do, the Help Desk Lady comes over and says the police are there.

Turn around there's a county sheriff deputy. Oo. He said they're was a 911 call and hang up from our building. He said they tried to call back, but couldn't get out of the automated system so they sent him out. We walked around, he said since he didn't hear any screaming he wasn't worried. It was either a wrong number or caused by the weather, which happens in the winter. He left, I figured I'd walk around some.

Went to carpet row first, since that's where the VPs, the Owners, the Directors and others like that sit. Saw my director was still there. Told him the cops were there because they got a 911 call. The look on his face was just pure worry would be the best way to say it. He went straight to 11. I had to calm him down quickly. We went over and talked to the Manufacturing Director and VP, then the four of us walked the building. Each person took a different area. We met back up and all was good.

So next week there will probably be a memo if you accidentally call 911, stay on the phone and tell them you got them by mistake.

So then I was getting ready to go again, and the MFG Director stops by says his guys can't get to the Manufacturing share on our network. Look, and the NAS heads crashed again. Spent the next 1.5 hours dealing with that.

Then home ward bound. Stopped to get some clothes for the Self Defense class. That and looking at toys and other things, took about an hour.

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